WATCH: Phil Mickelson shares the secret behind his massive calves

March 23, 2019

While the PGA Tour’s decision to allow players to wear shorts during tournament pro-ams and practice rounds continues to fuel debate, there is one indisputable gift we’ve been given: a look at Phil Mickelson’s magnificently sculpted calves.

Back in February, Mickelson celebrated the Tour’s announcement by posting a photo from behind. Imagine — those bulging beauties have been hiding under trousers all these years.

Phil posted this photo of his calves to celebrate the PGA Tour's announcement that shorts would be allowed during tournament pro-ams and practice rounds.
Twitter: @PhilMickelson

The internet quickly took notice.

Forever a man of the people, Mickelson decided to share his calf-pumping secrets with the world — in the first episode of a five-part series, natch.

“I’ve listened to you, I’ve heard you, you all want calves like Adonis too,” Phil begins from what looks like his living room, or perhaps his man cave. “So I’m here with my ‘Phil Kwon Do Calves’ five-part series.

This is the first part: Get yourself a comfortable chair. Untuck your shirt — preferably with a little extra fabric like my new Mizzen + Main polos. Have multiple games on [TV] at the same time. Relax, extend one leg, and point the toe, pull the toe, point the toe, pull the toe.”

Still here? Good. Keep in mind, Phil is in his signature flip-flops as he narrates this.

“Point, pull,” he continues. “We’re going to do five each leg. Point and pull and point and pull. We’re going to to five each leg morning and night. And you too can be on your way to having calves like Adonis.”

The video ends with a close crop of Phil’s enviable calves, further enhanced by a snazzy soundtrack.

Well, what are you waiting for? Those calves would build themselves! You can watch Phil’s video in its entirety below.