Gotta have it: 6 things GOLF staffers are using, drinking and reading right now

January 18, 2019
Welcome to GOLF's Shag Bag, a monthly feature that runs in GOLF magazine and tells you, the reader, exactly where we're playing, what we're buying, and more, when it comes to the sport we all love. Where we’re playing Rustic Canyon Golf Club in Moorpark, Calif. Links-like tracks are rare in SoCal, and this one’s playable for all handicaps, with surprisingly quick greens. Careful: Windy conditions can make it tough. —Michael Chwasky What we’re buying Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero L Double-Strap Stand Bag. I bought this 2.5-pound beauty in advance of a three-day, 86-hole, carry-your-own golfapalooza at Bandon Dunes, and it proved to be worth its weight in (really light) gold. —Alan Bastable Callaway golf bag What we’re using Bridgestone B330-RX yellow golf balls. Like so much else in life, it’s a concession to aging. I’d been resisting the color switch, but it’s the best change I’ve made in a long time. —Josh Sens Who we’re following My new Twitter favorite is the Society of Golf Historians (@SHistorians), which every day unearths interesting and offbeat nuggets. —Alan Shipnuck What we're drinking The Pinehurst Brewing Co. is open, and with it comes their Pivot IPA. Keep one cold till I get there in July! —Ryan Asselta What we’re reading The Match, by Mark Frost. A page-turner about one of the game’s greatest dustups: the ’56 match between Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson, and two brash amateurs. —Pat Ralph What we’re finding A hickory-shafted Spalding putter. While navigating through an Upper West Side flea market, I came across this gem. Five bucks later, it became my office putter. A fin very well spent. —Tim Reilly Spalding hickory-shafted putter.  


Our Josh Sens recently traveled to Vietnam to explore the country’s burgeoning golf landscape. What’s the farthest you’ve traveled for a round of golf? Rick Snyder on Facebook: “I treated myself to a day trip from Scottsdale to Torrey Pines. I booked the first flight out and the last flight home. Well worth it.” Garettg on Reddit: “I had some Southwest travel funds that were about to expire, so I got permission from the wife to fly round trip in a single day from Seattle to San Jose, to play Pasatiempo Golf Club.” @PaulViary on Instagram: “I traveled 2,196 miles from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas for a round. I took an early morning flight out, played 18 holes and took a red-eye return later that evening.” Daniel Miles on Facebook: “I took a red-eye flight from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Dublin. I drove myself from Dublin to Lahinch Golf Club (270-plus kilometers), played my round and then drove back to Dublin to head home.” Lahinch in Ireland. Tiger Woods is in talks with Monster about a branded energy drink. What would you name it? @Coach_Rusty on Instagram: GOAT Milk @Treyhill3 on Instagram: Tiger Blood @tg_zan on Instagram: Stinger @Trevorkinney on Instagram: Fusion @Pierredez on Instagram: Tiger Juice @Skyjstreet on Twitter: Tiger’s Tour Sauce @Bananaboatboyzz on Twitter: Big Eldrick Energy