Golf world rallies to help pro golfer whose car burst into flames

November 17, 2018
willie mack

Pro golfer Willie Mack ran into some horrific car trouble in Florida this week, but thankfully, the golf world is showing off some generosity.

Mack’s car mysteriously burst into flames this week while he was driving, according to a write up by a friend of his on GoFundMe. While Mack was able to escape unharmed, most of his belongings were stuck in the fire. All he was able to save were his clubs.

Saving the clubs might seem like a natural thing for a pro golfer to do, but it is far from the only piece to his pro golf puzzle. That’s where the rest of the golf world can help step in.

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Peter Millar is extending an apparel hand. Since Mack lost much of his on-course apparel in the fire, Millar intends to provide him plenty moving forward. “The golf community always comes together in times of need,” said Peter Millar president Todd Martin. “When we heard of Willie’s harrowing story, we just felt compelled to help him. Thankfully property is replaceable. All of us at Peter Millar are just glad he’s ok.”

Beyond that is the aforementioned GoFundMe that has already raised over $2,000 in just 24 hours. The goal of $5,000 seems like a sure thing.

Mack, 30, played on the Latinoamérica Tour in 2018.