Danny Willett, Masters champion of Yorkshire

February 13, 2017

At last year’s Masters five of the top-10 finishers were English. Danny Willett has the distinction not only of owning a green jacket but also the most-imitated accent among all of these lads.

To American ears they all sound alike but Willett is a product of a highly specific part of England. “In Yorkshire, we do things our own way,” says swing coach to the stars Pete Cowen, a native son.

Even as he has become an international star Willett remains deeply proud of his roots, eschewing the siren song of South Florida or Monaco or Dubai to raise his family in a drizzly part of the world that the locals call, unironically, ”God’s own country.” Says Willett,“I’ll never leave Yorkshire.” Subscribe to the GOLF.com Podcast here.

The discussion includes the following topics:

2:45 — Life in Yorkshire
3:50 — The Yorkshire dialect
8:10 — The Yorkshire bread debate
11:30 — Why he hasn’t dry cleaned his Masters green jacket
13:00 — The details of his perfect day
16:00 — His brother Pete’s writing
19:40 — How 2016 wore him out
21:45 — His plans for the Masters Champions dinner