For a perfect athletic golf posture, look no further than Tiger Woods

For a perfect athletic golf posture, look no further than Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods' Posture
Mark Newcombe/Visions in Golf

Tiger's swing has changed over the years. Some of the alterations have been made to achieve or correct a certain ball flight, while others have been inserted to accommodate or prevent an injury. Regardless of the state of his swing, Tiger has always set up and swung with great posture. The numbers at right are good ones to emulate, but keep in mind that proper posture at address doesn't matter unless you know how to use it to your advantage. This is where Tiger excels. One of his best power moves is to increase his forward bend during his downswing while elongating his lower body. At impact, his hips are higher than at address and his knees and ankles are much straighter, but his upper body and head are actually closer to the ball. When you hear instructors talk about "leveraging the ground" to create speed, this is it.


A Dynamic Backswing
Although it doesn't look like Tiger's posture has changed that much, it has. At the top, his left side (not his chest) is tilted toward the ball and his forward bend is nowhere near what it was at address. When you have Tiger's core strength and flexibility, you can pull this off while making it look like you're winding up without changing your angles.

"Crunch" It!
While Tiger slightly increases the tilt in his pelvis going back, he rapidly decreases it during his downswing (between 5 to 10 degrees). His hips level out and his forward bend toward the ball is close to where it was at address. It's as though he's doing ab crunches in the gym. The good news? You don't need Tiger's six-pack to make this move.

Roll Your Weight
Tour players roll their ankles to shift weight from the right leg to the left. Tiger is one of the best at this, and not only does he roll, he actively pushes off the ground from the top of his swing through impact. This pushing action is real — most big hitters we've tested have at least a 20-inch vertical jump.

Tiger Woods, Posture

Mark Newcombe/Visions in Golf