A Quick Fix For Long and Straight Drives

August 3, 2016

Here’s a quick fix for all of you straight-ball hitters out there to gain a little more distance with your drivers.


Straight Hitter: You keep the ball in play, but a lack of distance puts pressure on your game.


Yes, a big shoulder turn is one key to hitting longer drives. But if there’s no resistance between your upper and lower body on the backswing, you’ll have a hard time generating the type of distance you crave—no matter what your shoulders do.

Instead of worrying about how many degrees you turn your shoulders or hips in the backswing, simply turn your shoulders until your back faces the target. As you do this, feel as though you’re pushing your right leg down into the ground. This is key—it keeps the right knee flexed and also limits your hip turn, thus creating the resistance and stored-up energy you need to deliver the clubhead to the ball with maximum speed and power. As you start your downswing, retain the coil for as long as you can while unwinding your legs and hips to the left. Get coiled, and you’ll see a big improvement in your tee shots.

Plant your right leg firmly in the ground. To create powerful resistance, simply turn your back until it faces the target. Your upper and lower body are now fully coiled, ready to release all that stored power into the ball.