Golfer who holed miracle shot explains exactly how he did it

January 5, 2020

The challenge is simple: Three putts, each different distances, with increasing prize money attached to each. The highest prize — $5,000 — accompanies the third and longest putt. Drain that final 96-foot putt during halftime at the Baylor basketball game, and you keep the money. But for 16 years, no one ever had.

Until now.

Putting successfully on a basketball court is a borderline impossible task, and Ky Carlson didn’t have much luck on his first two putts. After missing the green twice in a row, he pushed his third putt out to the right and thought it was all over. But then it started drifting back…all the way back toward the miniature green.

There was a moment when it looked like it would fail once again by drifting just by the cup, only for it to grab the back end of the lip at the very last moment, sending everyone into raptures.

And how did he do it? Afterwards, Carlson shared some rather handy advice that doubles as a downright good putting tip: Focus on your speed.

“The only advice I can give is every time I’ve ever been here, people over-hit it because they’re on a gym floor instead of a green,” Carlson said. “You almost feel like you’re not even gonna get it to the hole. When I hit most of the putts, I think people were thinking like my second putt, it wasn’t even going to make it there. It just keeps rolling. Don’t over-hit it. Let it have a chance.”

Watch the full clip below: