Cheat Sheet: Remember these simple rules for a foolproof putting setup

September 5, 2019

The main goal when establishing a putting stance is to find something that makes you feel relaxed and coordinated. For many golfers, starting with a fairly conventional putting setup and then making alterations based on what you find most comfortable is a good strategy. There are four tenets of a standard putting setup:

1. Hips Over Heels

This allows you to distribute of your weight evenly over the balls of your feet, which makes it easier to keep your lower body still and your entire body in balance throughout the stroke.

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2. Eyes Over The Inside Half Of The Ball

Assume this position to see the line of the putt better and to properly aim the putter at your intended starting line.

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Nicklaus at Pebble Beach in 1960.
Old Golf Images

3. Hands Under Shoulders

It’s the easy way to move the putter back and through with your arms and shoulders. Keeping your hands under your shoulders also puts your backstroke on a perfect path, reducing both pushes and pulls.

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4. Shaft Matches The Forearms

When viewed from behind, the shaft should appear to be a direct extension of your arms. If this line isn’t straight, your putter will effectively be either too long or too short, both of which can make otherwise makeable short putts hard to hole.

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