Private Lessons: How a Straight Hitter Can Add Instant Power

February 21, 2016


You don’t have much trouble finding the fairway, but your tee shots tend to lag far behind those of your playing partners. If the yards simply aren’t there, shift your attention from your backswing to your follow-through—in particular, to the positions of your right forearm and left elbow just after impact.

As you swing through, your right forearm should cross over your left, forming an X with the arms when viewed from above. At the same time, your left elbow should begin to fold and point down toward the ground, creating an L between your left arm and the clubshaft. This folding action helps you rehinge the club so you can release your arms and square the clubface, providing an additional burst of clubhead speed through impact. Make an XL in your follow-through and you’ll swing the club faster and more efficiently for extra yards and extra-long drives.