Pitch Perfect: Turn Chunks Into Tap-Ins With 3 Easy Moves

January 2, 2016

The secret to hitting crisp, on-target pitches is to eliminate excessive wrist action or shaft lean (in either direction) at impact. Copy these three moves, and you’ll not only pitch it on — you’ll knock it close!

1. CLUB: Slide it under the ball

Make a few practice pitch swings. As you do, visualize the club sliding along the turf through the impact zone. No, you don’t want to take a divot, but you do want the club to brush the grass.

2. ARMS: Synch them with your chest turn

On practice swings, think of your arms and chest as a single unit, both back and through. This arm-body connection halts unwanted wrist action and leads to better strikes.

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3. RIGHT ARM: Align it with the shaft

Make one final practice swing and hold your finish. If you nailed steps 1 and 2, your right arm and the shaft will line up and the clubface will point skyward. These two checkpoints are vital — get them down and you’ll be rattling pins in no time at all.


Use your right hand to hit one-arm pitches. (Southpaws, use your left hand.) This drill makes your arm, club and torso work in harmony.