The Perfect Chip: Start Here!

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Step 1: Face and Step

With the club in your left hand, stand tall—feet together—to the right of your lie. Make sure you face the target with your toes even with the ball. Remain facing the target and take a half-step to your left (about 18 inches) to create some room between you and the ball.
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Step 2: Hinge and Turn

Hinge the club up in front of your chest, elbows at your sides. Then add your right hand to the handle. Rotate your upper body to the right until it points toward the ball. (Your hips will move just a little.)
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Step 3: Drop and Swing

Unhinge your elbows and wrists and sole the club behind the ball, adding a touch of knee and hip bend. Check that the face is square to your target. Now, swing the club back. This stance compels you to use more hinge than arm swing. Ideally, the clubhead shouldn’t pass shin height.
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Step 4: Catch It Clean

“Push” the club down and forward with your right arm, allowing your body to turn in response. Your goal? Face the target in your finish.