How to Give Your Slice the Elbow

How to Give Your Slice the Elbow

For correct extension and a square clubface at impact, rotate and bend your left elbow so that it points down in your release.
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This story is for you if…

• You slice.

• You think that extending your arms in your follow-through is a good thing.

• You never think about rotating your elbow through impact.

The Standard Advice

As you swing into your follow-through, make sure you extend both of your arms. This guards against chicken-winging and the tendency to hit a slice.

Why It’s Misleading

When you try to extend your arms — instead of allowing the force of your swing do it for you — you fail to properly rotate your forearms, specifically your left one. You know you’re making this mistake if your left hand is above your right deep into your follow-through, with your left shoulder much higher than your right.

The Correct Solution

As you swing through impact, rotate your left elbow so that it points down at the ground when your hands reach waist height in your follow-through. This kind of elbow rotation allows your right hand to properly turn past your left — the real way to beat a tendency to slice.

When you do it correctly, you’ll feel like your left elbow is actually bending instead of snapping straight. When your left elbow stays soft, your right arm extends as if by magic. It’s this right arm extension that gives your swing power and extra accuracy, and makes chicken-winging almost impossible.