Golf Tip: Copy These Setup and Impact Positions to the Letter

December 5, 2016

You’ve heard it a million times: Hit up on the ball when using a driver. That’s true in theory, but just before impact things are moving too fast to “hit up” at the precise millisecond, even on smooth swings. An upward attack takes a little planning. It’s all in the address position. As you settle into your stance, drop your right shoulder a few inches toward the ground. You should feel plenty of upper-body tilt. (Imagine you’re a plane taking off.)

Next, bump your left hip slightly toward the target, putting a “kink” in your right side. Practice in front of a full-length mirror. You’ve got it right when your setup looks like a reverse-K. Your goal? Maintain the reverse-K throughout your backswing and all the way down to impact. When you do this, the club will have to ascend into the ball, giving you the high-launch, low-spin contact all power hitters crave. Remember: You can’t spell “Kaboom!” without a K.