Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers Poll: Hany Haney and Tiger Woods

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers Poll: Hany Haney and Tiger Woods

Hank Haney was Tiger Woods's coach for six years.
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

In the wake of the split between Tiger Woods and Hank Haney, Woods’s instructor for the last six years, we polled the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers to get their insight about the break-up and some related issues.

1. Should Tiger Woods hire a new swing coach, or should he try to fix his swing by himself?
a. Hire a swing coach … 100%
b. Fix it himself … 0%
He needs a coach to use as a sounding board as much as he needs a coach in a traditional role. — Ron Gring, Timber Creek Golf Course, Daphne, Ala.

2. Would you want the job?
a. Yes … 73%
b. No … 27%
I’ll pay Tiger to come in and see me. — Tom Stickney, The Club at Cordillera, Cordillera, Colo.

3. Is Hank Haney to blame for Tiger’s swing problems?
a. Yes … 50%
b. No … 50%
Ultimately, the player is responsible for deciding what is working and what isn’t, what approach to employ and what to avoid. — Ron Gring

4. Did Tiger’s swing get better or worse under Hank Haney?
a. Better … 18%
b. Worse … 82%

5. Which Tiger swing was better — the Harmon version or the Haney version?
a. Haney … 5%
b. Harmon … 95%
In 2000, Tiger led in almost every statistic on the PGA Tour. Today he leads in none. — Brad Brewer, Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Golf Club, Orlando, Fla.

6. Will Tiger ever be able to regain his dominance?
a. Yes … 82%
b. No … 18%

7. Can Tiger win the U.S. Open with the swing he has now?
a. Yes … 22%
b. No … 78%
It will be hard to play Pebble without the stinger and driving the ball in the hay. — Mike Adams, Hamilton Farm Golf Club, Gladstone, N.J.

8. How much of Tiger’s problems with his game are related to his personal troubles?
a. All of them … 5%
b. Most of them … 36%
c. Some of them … 59%
d. Few/None of them … 0%
You need a clear head to play this game. — Dan Pasquariello, Pebble Beach Golf Academy, Pebble Beach, Calif.

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