Fix Three Faults with One Drill

Fix Three Faults with One Drill

Hold your left side back to sync up your downswing and stop pulls.
D2 Productions

This story is for you if…
• You want more power.
• You’re told you make a reverse pivot (and your slice confirms it).
• When you don’t slice, you hit pulls.

The Fault
Your arms and body swing independently of one another. This lack of synchronization produces a swing that’s very difficult to control.

The Fix
Address a ball with any club, then take your right hand off the handle, reach under your left armpit and hold it there. You can now fix three errors that result from swinging out of sync, the first of which is a late wrist cock. With your right hand off the club it should be easy to hinge the club up.

Stop a reverse weight shift
Pull back with your right arm and get your torso behind the ball. Notice how your weight moves onto your right leg and your reverse pivot disappears..

Stop a cut/pull downswing
On your downswing, hold your left side in place as you drop your arms and club downward and start to unwind your hips. Your swing should feel tight and connected. That’s the sensation of synchronization—your body and arms working in harmony to hit crisp, powerful shots.