Top 100 Teacher: Try this simple stretch to feel a powerful backswing

By Scott Munroe   /   By Luke Kerr-Dineen
September 23, 2019

Eventually, we all lose our “pop.” Hips get stiff and slow, gym visits decrease, muscles shrink. Cheer up—this tip is straight from the Fountain of Youth. Better yet, it doesn’t force you into positions only Rory McIlroy can achieve. Here, you can let your inner athlete strut its stuff.

The gist is thus: You’re a right-hander playing this game righthanded (or a lefty playing left-handed). Let’s get that right (or left) side back in the driver’s seat. Take your regular setup with your driver. Next, remove your nondominant hand from the handle.

Now—and this is the money move—start your backswing by turning your right (or left) hip behind you. Make it big—so big that your arm, club and body turn with it. Let your dominant arm reach for the sky.

If your turn is strong enough, you may feel your front heel rise slightly off the ground (see above left). That’s Jack Nicklaus’s power move!

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You’re fully loaded at the top now, like you haven’t been in years. Now replant your front heel and fire your right (or left) arm out (as in away from the target) not down. As your arm fires and straightens, let your hips turn with it (above right). Do it fast enough and you’ll feel like you’re jumping off the ground. That’s leverage and power.

Repeat five times, then tee up a ball and give it a rip using both hands, trying your best to mimic the feel ingrained in the drill. My guess? You absolutely smoked it.