Chris Como: 3 Things You Can Learn From Tiger Woods’ New Instructor

November 24, 2014

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Chris Como is Tiger Woods’ latest swing instructor. He’s also a student of biomechanics, which seeks to quantify the mechanical factors that lead to excellence in athletic performance. Lucky for us, he’s able to translate those high-end concepts into swing-improving tips every golfer can understand and use in their game. Want to drive it farther or stop blocking your shots to the right? Read on for those tips, and more from Chris.

1. Hit It Farther With Footwork

Here’s a quick tip to gain extra yards with every club using only your lower body. Crank your right foot (or left if you are a lefty) clockwise into the ground to develop a powerful lower body move and stripe it off the tee.

2. Pushing It Right? Lend Yourself a Hand

We all crave solid strikes that fly high and don’t balloon to the right. Use Chris’ easy-to-implement fix to get rid of a slice by pointing the back of your glove in the right direction. Try it and start enjoying a draw off the tee.

3. Use Your Power Arc To Drive It Longer

The transition from the end of the backswing to the start of the downswing can be one of the trickiest parts of the game. Here’s Chris’ simple tip to get your hands moving in the right direction and start crushing the ball off the tee.



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