Ask the Rules Guy: Sprinkler Situation

Ask the Rules Guy: Sprinkler Situation

Ask the Rules Guy

I'm in a fairway – when all of a sudden a sprinkler goes off. Can I take free relief from the sudden flood of recycled wash water? Or do I have to sit under the pesticide spray unless I want a penalty?

–Jason Cherpak, via Facebook

First of all, recycled wash water and pesticide spray are two completely different things. I’m concerned about that course you are playing on. But I digress, if your ball currently lies in a puddle of water from the sprinkler after math it is called casual water. According to Rule 25-1, you may then lift the ball and drop it within one club-length, no closer to the hole, from the nearest point of relief without penalty. Whether or not you choose to stay in the pesticide spray is up to you.

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