New Year, New Game: Add Some Muscle to Your Irons

December 28, 2016

The New Year is nearly upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about golf for 2017. We’ve assembled some basic tips to serve as a New Year’s Resolution for each facet of your game.

While your playing partners are routinely hitting 7- and 8-irons into the green, you’re hitting 5- and 6-irons from the same distances. Not surprisingly, your pals will have a lot more birdie opportunities than you.

Why aren’t you getting more length out of your irons? Probably because you’re catching too much turf before contact. To avoid losing yards, learn to strike the ball cleanly by hitting down on it and making ball-first contact.

To do this, find a collar of turf off to the side of the practice range and place your ball about an inch into the tall grass. Set up so that the mown sod is on the backswing side of the ball, then make your strike, hitting down on the shot so that the clubhead contacts the ball first. Hit too far behind the ball and you’ll encounter yardage-robbing resistance from the tall grass. But do it correctly, and the ball will rocket off the clubface.