4 steps to hitting a high flop shot like Seve Ballesteros

March 8, 2020
Mike Adams doing flop shot drill

I was fortunate to spend some time with arguably the best wedge player to ever play the game, Seve Ballesteros. He told me there were four key fundamentals that are “must-dos” to hit a perfect flop shot:

1. Point the clubface at the target at impact.

2. Keep the butt of the grip pointed toward the center of your body from start to finish, making sure to play the ball forward in your stance with the shaft leaning back.

3. Because the ball is forward, your shoulders will naturally open. Fine. Swing along your shoulder line, which in this case will promote an outside-in path.

4. Allow your head to move closer to the ball through impact. The club always wants to bottom out directly below your head, so with this move, you’ll tend to catch it crisp and avoid the chunks.

Adams teaches at Fiddler’s Elbow CC in Bedminster, N.J

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