Patton Kizzire has one simple exercise to help you catch the sweet spot

April 27, 2019

Patton Kizzire wants you to make better contact — with these two simple steps. He’ll tell you how.

When my ballstriking gets inconsistent, especially with my irons, it’s often because my weight is moving around too much in my swing. It’s why I’ve been working a lot on improving the stability in my lower body. The goal is to keep my legs as quiet as possible and my center from moving too much off the ball.

My trainer, Randy Myers, has me in the gym more than ever, helping me strengthen my legs and build the stable foundation I’m looking for. That’s work you can’t skip in this day and age. On the range, I have a drill I use to further instill in-swing stability. It’s so simple, and it can help improve your ballstriking all the way through the bag, from wedge right up through driver. If you can be stable with your legs and body, you can be stable with anything. Follow the steps below.


Take your setup with your hands on your thighs (left). Flex your knees, grip the ground and activate the muscles in both legs.


Put your hands on the club and swing to the top. The trick is to maintain the feeling in your legs that you had with your hands on your thighs. Now you’re stable.

The best golfers in the world need crisp contact in high-pressure situations — like No. 16 at the Waste Management.
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