Capture Chez Reavie’s picture-perfect finish in 4 steps

October 13, 2018

The sharp-shooting Kansan is knocking down pins in droves. Part of his secret is a picture-perfect finish — evidence that there are a lot of good things happening before it.

Chez Reavie
Chez Reavie ranked 3rd on Tour in driving accuracy in 2018.


Chez rotates his shoulders perpendicular to his spine, an important move that allows him to “cover” the ball and compress it at impact. Because his spine tilts forward from start to finish, his shoulders appear tilted, too. Copy this look and you’ll deliver the club from the inside for a crushing draw, just like Chez.


Chez’s eyes and head are tilted to match his shoulders, facilitating the compression-inducing moves in No. 1. And check out his focus — he’s locked onto the target. There’s an old expression that if you aim small, you’ll miss small. Both in practice and during tournament rounds, Chez takes this advice literally. No wonder he’s one of the most accurate players on the PGA Tour.


In working with Chez, I know he likes to track the sweet spot by pressuring the back of the shaft with his right index finger. Not a bad thing to copy, especially if you tend to spray it. Also, his wrists are relaxed with the left one slightly cupped. Copy this and you just may add a reliable draw to your shot arsenal.


Chez appears to lean back in his finish. I see it as an extension of his ability to maintain a stable axis of rotation, which is the real lesson here. In other words, if you rotate around a stable (and tilted) spine, you can’t help but end up with the right side of your torso pointed toward the ground and your spine tilted slightly back. Once you can get your head around that, you’ll be money.