How to gain driver speed in seconds

February 14, 2018

Keeping the shaft glued to the outside of your right arm trains you for Tour-like power. Use this drill ​from Top 100 teacher Dale Abraham to master the art of the “delayed hit” and pound drives like never before. 


Your drives go pfft because you waste speed early in your downswing instead of storing it for impact. To fix the problem, lay your driver against the outside of your right arm, just below your shoulder. It’s okay for your right hand to drop slightly off the handle.


Settle into your regular stance, keeping the driver on your right arm. Once you’re set, rotate your shoulders away from the target and to the top of your backswing. Keep the shaft glued to your sleeve. Now unwind. Your first move? Rotate your hips, keeping everything else in place.


Now begin to unwind your abdomen, sternum and shoulders. (To get the right feel, do it in slow motion and in this sequence.) Keep the shaft on your right arm! Ultimately, you’ll be forced to release it at the bottom of your swing — and with the maximum amount of speed. Remember: The deeper you can unwind without prematurely releasing the club, the faster you’ll swing.