A Golf Glove Made to Soothe Muscle Aches: Our Favorite Things

A Golf Glove Made to Soothe Muscle Aches: Our Favorite Things

The Copper Tech golf glove is meant to soothe muscle aches and joint pains.
Courtesy Copper Tech

Copper Tech Glove

After making its debut at the 2016 PGA Show, Pocketec’s copper golf glove for men and women is now available to the public. The glove’s design and fit are meant to soothe muscle aches and joint pains in the wearer’s hands. The compression fabric is meant to keep hands warm and improve blood flow, while wicking sweat and odor away. If you have arthritis in your fingers that flares when you grip a club, the Copper Tech could help you to play longer and more comfortably. $19.95, coppertechusa.com.

Redvanly Jackets

After making a splash with its trim, modern polos for men and women, Redvanly introduced outerwear in its 2016 collection. The ‘Murray’ jackets come in red and gray and are constructed from ultra lightweight nylon and made in the USA. For women, choose from lavender or navy. The colors are echoed in their golf shirts in new hues for this year, with signature asymmetrical details on the collar or sleeve. $155, redvanly.com.

GolfBuddy LD2 GPS Watch for Women

Golfbuddy will release their first smart watch for women at the end of this month, a crisp white number with an alligator leather strap and two rows of sparkly Swarovski crystals on the face. The display is easy to read, with sizeable blocky numbers to check your distances and how far your last shot flew. The watch contains information from 38,000 courses around the world. $250, golfbuddyglobal.com.