The Rolls-Royce Ghost Golf Edition Pays Tribute to the Ancient Game

January 4, 2016

Sorry, Bubba, but when it comes to tricked out, golf-related transport, your hovercraft just can’t compare.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Golf edition, which debuted at the Dubai Motor Show last month, pays homage to the ancient game with a host of golf-inspired features.

Leave it to Rolls-Royce to roll out a vehicle of such rarity and refinement. Custom-designed for a private collector by AGMC, the sole Rolls-Royce dealer in the Gulf States, the car took more than two years to build.

Its exterior paint job, a two-toned dark green-and-sand scheme, is meant to invoke a desert layout, while the interior picks up on the sporty theme with a pine green steering wheel, tartan-lined door pockets, and mahogany and persimmon wood veneers.

Other luxe accessories include lambswool floor mats, a starlight headliner and folding picnic tables for passengers in back. You get the point; no expense was spared.

In the automotive world, the word “unique” is frequently misused, but in this case, it applies. As of this writing, there’s only one Ghost Golf in existence, but Rolls-Royce is willing to build another, a company spokesperson said, provided you’re willing to pay for it.

It’ll only cost you around $400,000.