Best U.S. Golf Resort for Buddy Trips: Bandon Dunes

June 4, 2015

With limited flights and frequent fog delays, getting to Bandon isn’t easy. But it’s always worth the effort, and the rigor of getting there is part of the bonding experience. So is being assigned one caddie for the week. You all get to know one other and you might just have four more friends by trip’s end. At dinner, the testosterone level is off the charts. At every table, it’s one chorus after the next, singing the praises of heroic deeds on the ocean holes, of winning wagers and losing presses and replaying shot after shot, with the promise of doing it all again the next day. Bliss.

Inside the top 10: The Sandhills of North Carolina is like Disneyland for golf fanatics. The region has loads of golf history, seminal course designs and easy access to multiple courses. Which helps explain your affinity for Pinehurst Resort (No. 3) and Pine Needles/Mid Pines (No. 4). Golf is the draw, of course, but both the resort and town of Pinehurst also have many great spots for celebratory clinking and dining, the perfect exclamation points for any buddies’ trip. 

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