5 wedge finishes that look as good as they play

June 7, 2019
5 wedges with attractive wedge finishes

Brushed, buffed or quenched in oil, today’s wedges look as good as they play. We’ve selected five of the most attractive finishes among the top-performing wedges on the market. Read all about them below.

1. Titleist Vokey Design SM7, $140

The brushed steel finish is made for players who want a non-glare look. A nickel layer is first applied to the raw clubhead, and this is then covered by another black nickel layer. Once the outer layer is buffed, the result is brushed steel. Classy stuff. titleist.com

2. Mizuno S18, $150

Creating the Blue Ion finish involves applying two layers of nickel and one layer of chrome to the mild carbon steel used to create the clubhead. The blue ion is then applied on top. Another step is required to create the satin look, and the result is a durable sheen that should hold up as well as a standard chrome finish. mizunousa.com

3. Callaway PM Grind 19, $160

The new Tour Gray finish is created through a six-step process that includes electroplating the clubhead three times: first with satin nickel, then with glossy nickel, and finally with chrome. Titanium carbide and anti-fingerprint coatings finish it off. callawaygolf.com

4. Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth, $139

The Glide 2.0 Stealth is made from 8620 carbon steel rather than stainless, to allow for the application of the durable Stealth finish. The clubhead is placed in a bath to allow the Stealth material to soak into the metal. It’s then polished and cleaned, then bathed and cleaned again. pinggolf.com

5. Cleveland RTX 4, $140

Each Tour Raw clubhead is heat-treated and then quenched in oil, which creates a rich copper look. The process not only gives the club a unique appearance, it also provides a layer of protection on the raw head, which helps limit any potential rusting before it gets to the consumer. Once the club is put in play, the finish will wear and rust over time. clevelandgolf.com

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