TaylorMade’s M5 driver offers Tour speed—guaranteed

March 9, 2019
TaylorMade's M5 driver

Believe it or not, the guys playing for all that money on TV are gaming driver heads that, as TaylorMade puts it, have been sorted for “spiciness,” meaning the ones with the highest COR—or as close to the .830 limit as possible—and ball speeds are saved for Tour players.

The rest of us? Even TaylorMade admits that it sometimes struggles with mass-quantity quality-control to ensure max COR in each and every one of the tens of thousands of driver heads it produces.

In creating the new M5, TM designers say they’ve found a solution. The plan: Make every clubface faster than the USGA limit during initial production, then bring them back down to the .830 limit by injecting them with a “slowing” material that systematically reduces rebound.

It’s a potentially game-changing technology that should give all players the confidence of knowing they’re getting the same high-powered M5 that Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm or Jason Day play. They call it “speed injection,” just one of several impressive design features that make the M5 one to watch in the 2019 new-driver pool.

The TaylorMade M5 driver is played by several players on the PGA Tour.
Courtesy of TaylorMade