What you need to know about Titleist’s experimental new golf ball

December 21, 2019

Normally, Titleist golf ball releases are given the full pomp-and-circumstance treatment. Every piece of technology is detailed to ensure golfers have a clear picture of what’s going on underneath the hood. While that may be the case for a majority of the balls coming off the production line, the three-piece EXP-01 ($40 per dozen) is a rare exception.

The goal for Titleist is to gather organic feedback from consumers on a multilayer MTR urethane cover system still in the early stages of development. Designed to enhance short-game spin, the cover features a proprietary 346 dimple design, high-speed core and specialized casing developed to deliver low spin on long-game shots.

Titleist's new EXP-01 golf ball.
Jeffrey Westbrook; Styling: John Olson/Halley Resources

“We’re playing things close to the vest,” said Michael Mahoney, Titleist’s VP of golf ball marketing. “As soon as we start explaining those things in the ball, that’s what people are going to find in the product.”

Titleist’s EXP-01 will be released only in limited quantities, and once the balls are gone, they won’t be restocked. So get moving if you aspire to be a test subject.

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