How Shane Lowry’s awesome shamrock logo became a permanent fixture on his Srixon ball

July 24, 2019
Shane Lowry's Srixon Z Star XV golf ball has a shamrock printed on the side.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Stashed away in an upper cabinet on Cleveland/Srixon’s Tour truck is the mother lode of golf balls. Each box is labeled with the name of a notable golfer on the side — from Keegan Bradley and Graeme McDowell to Shane Lowry and Cameron Champ.

When you have a bunch of players using your product, it’s necessary to have a sufficient stash to ensure everyone is stocked for a tournament week.

While each golfer is playing either the Z Star or Z Star XV, just three, in particular, have a custom logo printed on the side of the ball: McDowell, Bradley and Lowry.

“We only put a custom logo on the ball for guys who’ve won a major championship,” Cleveland/Srixon’s Tour rep Rob Waters told

The thing is, Lowry didn’t have a major title on his resume when Srixon decided to print a green shamrock to his ball. According to Waters, the team made an exception for Lowry roughly one month ago due to the ease of getting a shamrock added to the side of his Z Star XV.

Prior to getting it printed on, Lowry used a green permanent marker for years to fill in three dots in the shape of a triangle, along with a single line at the base, to create his version of a shamrock, which has been used as a symbol of Ireland going back to the 18th century. The logo was a way for Lowry to show off his Irish roots growing up in Clara, County Offaly.

Jonathan Wall

One month after Lowry put the four-piece Z Star XV with the printed shamrock logo in play, he used it to win the Open Championship on home soil.

“He may have been the lone exception, but he earned it,” Waters said.

Lowry has been playing the latest version of Srixon’s Z Star XV ball since the beginning of the year and wasted little time making the switch after picking up more ball speed with better feel and added zip around the greens.

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