5 stylish Nike golf hats for 5 different kinds of golfers

March 2, 2020
Nike hats on selection

Do you watch professional golfers and think, ‘wow, that’s a cool hat! How can I get that hat?!’

No? Just me?

Well, aside from all the actual golf, I was rather taken by Tommy Fleetwood’s Nike rope selection during the Honda Classic. So, I took a gander at Nike Golf’s website and found a pretty wide-range of top-notch hats for every type of golfer.

Let’s run through them…

Nike AeroBill Classic 99, $35

Here’s the one Tommy Fleetwood was wearing on Sunday that initially caught my eye. Rope hats combine vintage flair with today’s lightweight materials, so if you’re looking to be a subtly trendy golfer, this could be an option for you.

Nike AeroBill, $32

Flatbrims are on the more polarizing end of the style spectrum, but many golfers swear by them, especially golfers who like their hats on the larger size.

Nike Sun Protect, $40

Not for everyone, but if you’re a fair-skinned golfer and/or are just generally terrified of the sun, a full-brimmed hat will give you maximum protection.

Nike AeroBill Tiger Woods Heritage86, $35

Perfect for Tiger fans. It comes in six different colors and is designed to keep your head ventilated for those hot days on the course.

Nike Golf Visor, $20

I love a good visor. With a classic, round brim and a slightly lower-profile crown, the visor comes in blue, white, black and red.

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