PHOTOS: The Jordan brand spikeless golf shoe is here at last

May 3, 2019
jordan golf shoe

At long last, Jordan sneakerheads and golfers can rejoice. The spikeless Jordan golf shoe is now in stock.

With all the trappings of Jordan golf shoes we’ve seen before, finally a spikeless version has been made available. You’ve got the elephant print. The jump man logo. Now, you’ve also got the translucent outsole, which Nike has displayed in its other recent golf shoes.

The Jordan ADG goes for $140 on, and is available in two classic color ways, black and white. One word listed on the heel tells you everything you need to know: GOLF.

The Jordan brand was slow to enter the golf space, but has since picked up plenty of momentum. Yes, golfers like their shoes, too. Earlier this year the brand released the Jordan 11 Concord golf shoe, as well as a Masters-themed pair that eventually was taken off the market. Neither of those shoes were spikeless, but they certainly gained traction in more ways than one. The Concord sold out almost immediately. It helps that one of the more animated players on Tour, Harold Varner, wears them in part of a sponsorship.

If anything can be taken away from the newest, spikeless shoe from Jordan, it’s the that brand is serious about its entering the golf space. Spiked or spikeless is an essential option for modern golfers, and brands willing to take advantage of those consumers are forced to pony up the costs associated with multiple traction options of the same shoe. Check out the kicks below.