These ingenious screw-in spikes turn ANY shoe into a golf shoe

October 28, 2019

If you’ve never been able to find a pair of golf shoes to really suit your style and personality, three Shark Tank entrepreneurs have a solution for you: Golfkicks, a kit of 20 nylon and rubber golf spikes that can adhere to any shoe with a sole that is at least a half-inch thick.

The product was introduced on the fifth episode of Shark Tank’s 11th season on Sunday night, and the guys eventually secured a deal with Mark Cuban: $300,000 in exchange for a 13 percent stake in the company.

In addition to the spikes, the Golfkicks kit also includes a small Phillips-head screwdriver; a Sharpie, used for marking the soles of your shoes for pilot holes to insert the spikes; and a 5/32 pilot tool. According to the Shark Tank website, you will also need a hex handle for the pilot tool and Shoe Goo or other strong glue. The spikes can be applied to men’s, women’s and children’s shoes.

The Golfkicks kit comes with everything you need to transform virtually any pair of shoes into golf shoes.

So how does the application process work? It sounds pretty simple. The instructions dictate that you place four cleats on the shoe’s toe area and four more on the heel. Use the Sharpie to mark the spots where you want the spikes to be inserted, then make the pilot holes and screw in the Golfkicks cleats. That’s it!

The cleats are meant to stay in once they’re placed but they can be removed if desired. You’ll just be left with some small holes in the sole. The company says those holes shouldn’t ruin your shoes because the spikes aren’t meant to be drilled all the way through.

Ready to get crafty? The spikes are available in seven colors, and the kit can be purchased for $32 on the Golfkicks website for a ship date of mid-November.

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