5 stylish hats and 6 rocking lenses to wear on the course

May 11, 2019

Warm weather means fewer layers but definitely not fewer choices, and the right lid and lenses can add character to the simplest spring or summer ensemble. You may think you’re not “a hat guy.” Or maybe you’re one of those people who throws shade at shades. But hats and sunglasses provide more than sun safety and (for the thugs among you) witness protection. They make a bold statement. All that’s required is finding a look and feel that suits you. Shades need to be carefully chosen to complement the shape of your face. They also need to “wear well” — that is, pick a pair that sits slippage — free on your nose and snugs up comfortably to your temples.

Hats come in so many styles and fabrics that you’re certain to find one that flatters your uniquely contoured dome. Taking a chance on a new style accent is no different from stepping up to anything new. It’s a bit awkward at first, but with a touch of patience you’ll look back and wonder how you ever went without.


Choosing shades can be overwhelming and, let’s face it, a little embarrassing. On-off, on-off, on-off. But a quality pair will greatly improve your look and life. It starts with a mirror—and a moment of reckoning with your face shape.

These round frames are an ideal way to offset a boxy or square face. (Oh, and they play music, too.) $200

For the more chiseled, triangular face, a classic aviator is the way to go. The wider frame provides a nice balance to your jawline. $229

Oval is the most common face shape, and the multitude of sunglass options reflects that. This wider, unilens frame handles the orb with ease. $270

The classic Wayfarer offsets a heart-shaped face with effortless cool. That’s why this timeless frame never goes out of fashion. $168

A rectangular frame sharpens the features of a round face. And with these Persols, the lightweight metal allows more of your good looks to shine through. $340

Rocking oversized aviators means you’re not so much concerned with what suits your face shape as you are with what suits your swag. Go for it! $395

Looking for lenses? We got you covered.
Levi Brown

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Anyone can put on a hat—but pulling it off comes down to choosing just the right one. Sure, lids perform a useful function. No one knows that better than a sun-baked golfer. Wearing a hat with confidence, however, is what’ll make you a baller. So don’t be afraid to venture past the reliable ball cap to something new. A panama or fedora is so sublimely…Chi Chi!

Clockwise from top left: New Era EK Cotton Driver Cap, black, $60; Vineyard Vines Blank Trucker Hat, $30; Lacoste Men’s Cotton Piqué Bucket Hat, $60; Jones Golf Birdie Patch Snapback, $30; JJ Hat Center, The Phips, $275.
Levi Brown