The Axis Code: How to choose the correct long clubs for your swing

January 18, 2019

Modern fairway woods play so long that you can sometimes bang them right out there with drivers off the tee. Hybrids are super-long, too, and with enough loft choices that you can slip one in your bag to replace a mid-iron. And don’t get us started on long irons, which have stronger lofts and are easier to hit than ever (just ask Rickie).

Where does that leave you? Probably confused about how to set up the gaps in your long game. You can thank high-COR fairway woods and hybrids and game-improvement, flex-face irons. (A handwritten note is always a nice touch.)

So how do you choose between these power options? According to Tim Briand of True Spec Golf, the answer is about swing speed. Check out the graphic below for guidance. Key takeaway: If you have Tour-like swing speed, think irons. In the strong likelihood you don’t, eyeball a mix of fairway woods and hybrids.

This graph shows which long clubs are best based on swing speed
When choosing among fairway woods, hybrids, and long irons, you have to consider swing speed.

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