Tiger Woods Tweaks Trump During Late Show with Stephen Colbert

October 21, 2016
tiger colber.jpg

Tiger Woods has been a chatty guy recently, making multiple media stops during his Tiger Woods Foundation 20th anniversary celebration in New York City this week.

The 14-time major champion stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday night, where Woods talked about everything from his father’s influence, to lunch with Arnold Palmer and the different golfing styles of the various presidents with whom he’s played golf.

This part of the chat was a lightning round, prompting Woods to answer as quickly and concisely as possible. According to Woods, George H.W. Bush is fast. Bill Clinton takes “a lot of cuts.” He’s never played with George W. Bush, and President Obama is “straight” and “very competitive.”

“What about Trump?” Colbert said. “Did you ever play with Trump?”

Tiger didn’t miss a beat: “You said, ‘Presidents.'”

Take a look at the full clip below.