Rickie Fowler Mocks Jason Day During Zurich Classic Rain Delay

May 3, 2016

Frequent rain delays at the Zurich Classic left the pros with plenty of time on their hands, and Rickie Fowler made the most of it.

Fowler mocked World No. 1 Jason Day as he filmed an interview for Golf Channel on Sunday, recording a Snapchat of the young Aussie and showing off a pretty good Australian accent.

“Jason Day here,” Fowler said, doing his best Day impression. “About to do an interview.”

Golf Link, an Australian golf website, declared Fowler’s Australian accent “exceptional.”

They weren’t as impressed with Fowler’s “pestering” of their beloved star, although Day hardly seemed annoyed.

At one point, he turned to the camera, laughed and said, “G’day mate!”

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