From ‘roos to rodents: A comprehensive guide to Tiger Woods’s most memorable animal encounters

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Two marsupial guests attended the announcement that Woods and Ernie Els would be captaining the two sides at the 2019 Presidents Cup in Australia and got us jumping for joy.

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"Nothing like shooting a cobia and an amberjack," TW posted to Twitter with this snap. Sure thing, Tiger!

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Is no sea creature safe from this ocean warrior? Tiger did some freediving in the Bahamas and pulled up this sizable lobster in the summer of 2017.

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Tiger and Sam took their dog for a walk in July 2017.

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A December 2015 photo of Woods with his crew: daughter Sam, son Charlie, and dogs Taz, Bugs, and Yogi.

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Ah, who could forget Sammy the squirrel, who Lindsey Vonn briefly adopted as a pet at the 2013 Presidents Cup?

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Woods quickly warmed to the fearsome beast.

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Ah yes, the classic pre-tournament animal photos from Abu Dhabi! A yearly classic -- this edition from 2013, with Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose.

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The birds flocked to Kiawah Island for the 2012 PGA Championship.

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Oh deer! Woods and Arjun Atwal strode the fairways of Pebble Beach, unbothered by some grassy grazers in the gallery.

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Ah, yes. Simpler times, with Tiger, Elin, their two children and two dogs, released after Charlie's birth in early 2009.

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Woods, kickin' it poolside with Taz.

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That's a good-looking dog (if a questionable shirt) with Woods at the 2006 Block Party benefitting his learning center.

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Woods visited the elephants on an off-day at the 2000 Johnnie Walker Classic in Thailand.

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Woods at an iconic Sports Illustrated cover shoot in 1998 with Samson the snow tiger. He made one thing clear at the beginning of the shoot. "I'm not going to growl," he announced.