Phil Mickelson Beans Man in the Head With Drive, Gives Him Glove as Apology

June 3, 2016

Phil Mickelson isn’t the most accurate driver of the golf ball. On Thursday, he beaned a ShotLink operator in the head with his drive on the 15th hole at the Memorial Tournament.

The ball hit the man’s head on the fly, then caromed from the right rough all the way over to the left rough. Jack Nicklaus was in the booth at the time and could only utter, “Oh my god,” while he watched. Color analyst Nick Faldo remarked it was lucky the man had a hat on, even though it’s unclear how his headwear could soften the blow of a golf ball landing on your skull.

Mickelson eased the tension when he walked up by joking, “If your head was a touch softer, I’d be in the fairway.” He signed his glove with the inscription “I’m so sorry” and gave it to the man after making sure he wasn’t injured.

“I’ve hit a lot of people, a lot of people,” Mickelson said afterwards. “Nobody’s taken it that well as the marshal did on 15.”

Check out the video below.