Mets Yoenis Cespedes Plays Golf Ahead of NLCS Game 4

October 22, 2015

Could the New York Mets’ hard-hitting Yoenis Cespedes have injured his shoulder while playing a round of golf before Game 4 of the NLCS against the Chicago Cubs?

That’s the latest rumor surrounding his early exit from Wednesday’s game. The slugger cited “shoulder soreness,” which came after a seemingly normal at-bat at the top of the second inning; nothing indicated that he had sustained the injury while swinging. The club said it “didn’t know how Cespedes hurt his shoulder,” or how severe the injury was.

Cespedes was photographed by local media the morning of Game 4 in a series that the Mets lead 3-0. Cespedes hit the links at Medinah.

The 30-year-old outfielder has expressed his love of the game before, even considering professional play.

“I’ve been playing golf for only a year and a half,” Cespedes told the New York Daily News earlier this year. “Some people who have been playing golf for years and they learn that I’ve only played a year and a half, they can’t believe it and they say ‘Incredible.’ I’ve been thinking about it — if there is an opportunity to play professionally later, maybe not PGA, but I would like to play golf professionally.”

The Mets are through to the World Series with their future opponent from the American League still to be determined. While they have a little time to rest before the World Series kicks off Oct. 27, Cespedes — for the sake of all New Yorkers — may want to leave the clubs at home and kill time a different way.

Updated: Cespedes put the golf-injury rumors to rest, saying he tweaked his shoulder while doing push ups prior to the start of the game.