Mediocre Golf World Championship Crowns a Winner

November 23, 2015

In what the Mediocre Golf Association is calling “a Cinderella story for the ages,” Mike Mc Morrow walked away with the Mediocre Golf World Championship Title this month. 

He shot a 173 (86-87) to clinch the win in a field of 170 golfers whose main credential is their so-so golfing ability. The winner of the Championship is given a belt (awesome!) to hold onto for the calendar year, until the tournament returns to Nevada next November. Mc Morrow is the first Irish and non-American to win the Mediocre World Championship. The best part? He worked overtime at his factory job for months to finance his trip to the Championship in Las Vegas. The Mediocre Golf Association was founded in 2006 in California by a group of friends who wanted to encourage average golfers to play together around the world. The tournament brings them all together annually. 

The tournament also awarded prizes to three players who finished squarely in the middle of the pack in Las Vegas. Their title? Most Mediocre in the World. 

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