Make an Ace, Win a Free Trip to Mexico

March 16, 2016

If you make a hole-in-one, you’re pretty lucky.

If you make a hole-in-one this year at a KemperSports property, you’re going on a free vacation!

According to, KemperSports is offering a free eight-day trip for two to Vidanta’s Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta or the Grand Mayan Puerto Rico for every ace made at their 120-plus golf courses. KemperSports runs top tracks like Bandon Dunes, Chambers Bay and Streamsong, but Bandon and Streamsong aren’t involved in the giveaway.

So far, eight aces have been made and eight vacations doled out.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring a little more excitement to golf at our properties,” KemperSports CEO Steve Skinner said. “I don’t think there’s anything much better than a hole-in-one, but I guess making a hole-in-one and getting a week at a four-star resort in Mexico is probably better.”

KemperSports began running Vidanta’s golf properties in October 2015, and the promotion was born. 

“It’s a great prize to add,” Skinner said. “It gives people another reason to play our courses versus another course, and at the same time get some exposure for our new client and let us share the excitement we have for these properties in Mexico.

“If you have the choice of two courses to play and you like them both, but one of them is offering a free trip if you make a hole-in-one, why wouldn’t you play that one? We’ve got a lot of loyal customers throughout our portfolio, it’s just something nice we think we can do for them.”

To find a course near you, head to their course directory here