Golfer Says He Was Seriously Injured by a Port-a-Potty

January 12, 2017

An unlucky golfer has filed a lawsuit alleging that he suffered serious bodily harm on a golf course after he was knocked over and injured by a port-a-potty, reports NBC5 in Chicago.

According to the negligence lawsuit, the port-a-potty at Fox Run Golf Links in suburban Chicago was being moved via forklift in such a way that the driver couldn’t see around it. Brian Berg was hit from behind, and sustained injuries to his shoulder, chin, ribs, arm, and leg.

The lawsuit alleges that the forklift driver is guilty of “complete and utter indifference to the probability that a golfer would be in the path of a port-a-potty” and that the course “uses unsafe means and methods of transporting toilets.”

All of which goes to show that as bad as your worst round was, it could have been a lot worse.