Golf Club Gamblers Game Shut Down

December 4, 2015

Is this the unluckiest group of golf club card sharks or what?

A late-night round of poker at a golf club in Vermont turned sour this summer when a Liquor Control Board investigator discovered that the players were drinking alcohol and gambling, according to the Burlington Free Press. In Burlington, it is illegal to serve alcohol after 2 a.m.—and this game stretched on until after 3 in the morning. Gambling is not allowed except with a permit, and the Burlington Country Club doesn’t have one.

The officer followed an anonymous tip to the club and observed the game from outside, where he said that he saw the men “exchange cash in hundred dollar increments and drink continuously,” according to the Burlington Free Press. The golf club blamed the bartender, a college student who works there part-time, for the alcohol violations, and denied that any money was won or lost that night.

This week, the state fined the club and suspended their liquor license for a two-day period. The liquor board hopes that the penalties will stop the club’s members from violating the rules. Given the blasé attitude of the cornered players (they were described as “indifferent” and openly counted cash in front of the investigator), it seems unlikely. 

In the meantime, count your blessings for being able to drink and gamble at your club this weekend!