Donald Trump Says His ‘Small Hands’ Hit a Golf Ball 285 Yards

March 5, 2016
trump hands.jpg

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is still talking about his hands.

At a Detroit rally following the most recent GOP debate, Trump once again brought up the size of his hands. On Thursday night, Senator and fellow Republican candidate Marco Rubio drew attention to Trump’s small hands, suggesting other parts of Trump’s anatomy might be lacking as well. Trump wasn’t going to let that fly, and promptly told the audience that everything down there was just fine.

Friday morning, Trump assured supporters (once more) that there was nothing wrong with his hands. That in fact, his hands were more than capable of crushing drives on the golf course.

“Look at these hands, these are the hands that hit a golf ball 285 yards,” Trump bragged.

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The business mogul admitted he wasn’t sure at first how to approach the comment made by Rubio during the debate. According to the New York Times, Trump asked his aides whether he should sit back and act presidential, rather than address the issue.

But that just wouldn’t be The Donald (who, perhaps uncharacteristically, didn’t take the opportunity to boast about his current 3.0 handicap). 

The PGA Tour wraps up the WGC-Cadillac Championship at Trump National Doral tomorrow, and while rumors swirled of a Trump appearance, he has yet to show up at the course.