College Hoops Coach Wants Assistants Who Don’t Play Golf

April 15, 2016

Golf doesn’t jive with college basketball, according to new Georgia Tech coach Josh Pastner.

The 38-year-old coach just starting out at Georgia Tech after eight years coaching Memphis has made up his mind about assistant coaches who like to hit the fairways. According to Pastner, in this report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, golf represents an inefficient use of time.

“My first question to anyone I (might) hire is, ‘Do you golf?'” Pastner said. “If they say, ‘Yes,’ you can’t work for me, because that means five hours on a Sunday or on a Saturday. Can’t. Don’t want it. That’s for my assistant coaches. Any of my assistant coaches, if they’re golfers, not working for me.”

Fair enough, Coach. Just remember, that Michael Jordan guy is a pretty avid golfer. Might not want to write off the sport completely.