Breaking Down the Super Bowl Matchup Based on Golf

February 4, 2016

With Super Bowl 50 fast approaching, you’ve been inundated with breakdowns of the Panthers and Broncos, listened to an endless stream of talking heads analyzing the X’s and O’s, the storylines, the third-string nose tackles, blah, blah, blah. 

The only question left unanswered is how the teams stack up golf-wise. So let’s get to it: 


• Peyton Manning is a future Hall of Fame quarterback, but he’s also a pretty solid stick. Manning once shot 77 at Augusta National and is a 4 handicap. 

Amazingly, Peyton isn’t the best golfing QB in the Denver organization. That title goes to general manager John Elway who carries a near-scratch handicap and is a regular on the celeb golf circuit and at senior tournaments around Colorado. Elway even announced his retirement at Inverness Hotel and Golf Club, outside Denver.

• Pro tip: Kickers and punters are almost always the best golfers on their teams (lots of downtime). They aren’t in the case of the Broncos, though kicker Brandon McManus did intern with the USGA at the 2015 U.S. Women’s Open. That’s pretty cool.

And, oh yeah, punter Britton Colquitt is a 2 handicap.  


• Greg Olsen is one of the best tight ends in football and also happens to be able to whack a golf ball with a driver out of mid-air (if you give him a few swipes). Check out this video for evidence. 

• Beyond Olsen, slim pickings. Turns out the Panthers aren’t big golfers, although we did learn that Jerry Richardson drives a golf cart around before games and at practice—that counts, right? 

• At Media Night, linebacker Ben Jacobs said if he could have one job that wasn’t football, he’d be a golfer (but admitted he wasn’t nearly good enough to make it). Hit the range, Ben!

• As for likely NFL MVP Cam “Superman” Newton? Seems golf is his kryptonite. He doesn’t play. But backup Derek Anderson does. He’s a scratch


It’s clear that the Broncos would whip the Panthers on the links. Carolina, though, probably isn’t too concerned considering they’re as much as six-point favorites in the big game. Whatever happens on Sunday, both teams will have plenty of time to work on their swings come Monday.