Are Jordan Spieth and Annie Verret America’s Cutest Couple?

September 20, 2016

We don’t know why there is a question mark in the title. The answer is clear: yes.

With all due respect to the Days, Dustin-lina and Phil/Amy, Jordan Spieth and Annie Verret are the clear championship belt holders in this category. They’re high school sweethearts, and even though they both attended different colleges, they’re still together. That’s a feat in and of itself. They aren’t as active on social media as fellow power couples in the golf world, so there are no lusty remarks in the comment section (looking at you, DJ) or a constant rundown of their daily activities. That only adds to the mystique. It was hard to even find good photos to show you here since Annie’s Instagram account is private, and Jordan’s posts are few and far between.

Annie is often seen trailing Jordan on the course, typically staying incognito the best she can behind big sunglasses and away from the crowds. She’s also in it to win it, evidenced by her trek across the country to watch Spieth at the 2015 British Open. She shed tears of joy after Spieth won the 2015 Masters and shared somber hugs with his family after he came up short at St. Andrews. Remaining in love after the ups and the downs? The lovey-dovey smooches after wins? Cue the music folks, it’s over. We’ve got a winner.

Jordan Spieth and Annie Verret: America’s Cutest Couple.