A Florida golf neighborhood is having trouble with … coyotes?

January 4, 2018

Turns out there’s more to fear at a Florida golf course than just alligators.

Coyotes – yes, coyotes – are being blamed for killing three pets this week at a Windemere, Fla., golf community.

The course adjacent to the homes closed last year and is now overrun with tall grass. The weeds provide a home for small animals, which are thought to now serve as the bait for coyotes, drawing them closer to homes than ever before.

Neighbors are reporting that small pets are beginning to “disappear,” including three cats in the last week.

“Right up here along the ridge line on the old golf course, there’s a pack of them, like four or five,” one resident told a local reporter.

Perhaps neighbors should consider getting creative and bringing in an exterminator. Regardless, this story is just one more reason to support your local course and prevent it from closing: it keeps the coyotes away.