‘Bullsh-t rule:’ Pros slam policy that denied high school golfer title because she’s a girl

October 26, 2017

High school junior Emily Nash was denied a trophy for winning the Central Mass. Division 3 boys’ golf tournament on Tuesday at Blissful Meadows in Massachusetts, and many pro golfers aren’t happy about it.

Nash shot a three-over 75, which was four clear of the field, yet even though her score counted toward her team’s total, MIAA rules prohibited it from counting in the individual standings. That means she wasn’t awarded first place, didn’t get the trophy and was denied a state berth. The male golfer who shot 79 won.

“I wasn’t aware until after my round that if I won, I wouldn’t be able to get the title or the trophy,” Nash told the Telegram in Worcester, Mass. “So I was definitely disappointed, but I understand that there are rules in place. I don’t think people expected for this to happen, so they didn’t really know how to react to it. None of us are mad at the MIAA or anything like that, but I was definitely a little bit disappointed.”

As the story started to circulate, pro golfers chimed in.